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Quesadilla (Textless Variant) by Atteez Quesadilla (Textless Variant) :iconatteez:Atteez 63 4 Fated Intervention by velinov Fated Intervention :iconvelinov:velinov 1,150 38 Tatzljack_Collab by Tsitra360 Tatzljack_Collab :icontsitra360:Tsitra360 872 72 Aspire by vest Aspire :iconvest:vest 4,261 212 Transcend by vest Transcend :iconvest:vest 3,023 80 Art of the Dress by gor1ck Art of the Dress :icongor1ck:gor1ck 602 89
Watermelon Lab
Janet yawned. She wasn’t sure why she stayed up so late, the shows on TV at midnight really weren’t that good. She finished off her drink and turned the television off. She was about to go to bed when she heard a knock at the door.
Instantly, Janet froze. Who the heck would be here at midnight? Instinctively, she reached for her drink again. She wasn’t a very big girl, but it was in a glass bottle; maybe she could surprise him with it if he tried to break in. Janet took a look through a peephole and was surprised to see a concerned-looking woman standing at the door.
Janet sighed in relief. She set the jar back down and quickly made to clean herself up, running a brush through her light brown hair and making sure her white and green patterned nightgown was buttoned closed. She hesitantly opened the door.
“Can I help you?” she asked.
“Yes! Hello,” the woman quickly greeted. “My name is Dr. Batton. My ah, coworkers tell me that someone in this resi
:iconbarrel-o-tf:Barrel-o-TF 246 60
Survival Mod
The dunes seemed to go on forever. Lorraine felt hot just looking at the endless expanse of sun-beaten sand as the shuttlecraft descended rapidly down toward the planet's surface. This was no place for an amphibian, and she knew it.
Ordinarily, Lorraine worked as a freelancing bounty hunter for the IGPD, but recently things had gotten too dangerous for her liking. After a few close calls with the quadrant's most wanted, she'd decided to try and earn some nice easy money for a change. A tech company - the same one responsible for creating the apparatus keeping her gills moist - had put out an ad for someone experienced at survival in a hostile environment for product testing.
When the hunter heard the term "hostile environment," she hadn't expected it to mean a place that would kill her in under a half hour.
"One more time," the amphibious bounty hunter remarked, rubbing her stubby hands together. The equipment on her back continued to pump quietly as she went on, "What's the plan if th
:iconbarrel-o-tf:Barrel-o-TF 27 11
Early Bedtime
"Sophie, which color do you like better?"
Sophie turned. Denice stood before her, dangling a pair of color swatches, one burgundy and the other mahogany. On seeing her friend's attention return, she held the two swatches up to the couch she was looking at, hoping to get some kind of reaction.
"I-I don't know, Denice," Sophie responded, biting the tip of her thumb. "They both look good, I think..."
Denice sighed. "Sophie, I brought you along to help get some furniture for my new apartment because I expected you to contribute a little bit."
Other consumers poked by as they talked, browsing the massive selection. The two girls were standing in the miles-long showroom of one of the largest furniture stores in the country. They manufactured, distributed, and sold from the same location - people came halfway across the state for the incredible selection and warehouse pricing, and that went for Denice as well.
Sophie, on the other hand, felt useless here. She didn't know anything about design
:iconbarrel-o-tf:Barrel-o-TF 189 42
Female into Car TF Animation by hyperjet
Mature content
Female into Car TF Animation :iconhyperjet:hyperjet 282 100
Friendship is Magic by Jiayi Friendship is Magic :iconjiayi:Jiayi 28,176 5,398 Ties of Friendship by Jiayi Ties of Friendship :iconjiayi:Jiayi 7,353 601 FiM TNtMD - Page 22: An Amicable Arrangement? by ArofaTamahn FiM TNtMD - Page 22: An Amicable Arrangement? :iconarofatamahn:ArofaTamahn 460 182 Princess Luna's New Dress by SakuraKaijuu Princess Luna's New Dress :iconsakurakaijuu:SakuraKaijuu 1,458 289 Princess Luna by VardasTouch Princess Luna :iconvardastouch:VardasTouch 880 195 Princess Luna by TavoGDL Princess Luna :icontavogdl:TavoGDL 812 53


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